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My name is Roger Godwin, Child of God first and foremost, husband, father, son, friend, nephew, brother and connector. Having grown up in more than 40 places in my life i have the ability to feel at home no matter where in the world I'm speaking or doing a project for the Kingdom. I'm married to One wife, Megan and has three children. Starting at the age of 8 years old. I began a life-long love of business by mowing in the neighborhood. From there becoming a full time real estate investor. I am currently a local City Councilman in Warr Acres, OK and  I've been on ACOG boards dispersing millions in funding to improve the infrastructure of the Greater Oklahoma City Metro. I give credit to the mentors in my life for the successes i have achieved. God has blessed me including my wife, my supportive parents and my Paul (Guy Madison) as well as many others. Being a connector of people and showing up with intention are the two greatest tools i have developed in my life and  i will show you the way i do those two things efficiently and effectively on a daily basis. 

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